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Aomine Daiki X Reader ~Fix your form~ [One Shot]

"Daiki-chan!" You sang from the entrance of the gym. The said man, as well as the rest of the team, turned around to see where's the voice coming from. A grin appeared on Aomine's face.
"I'll be back soon." He said as he made his way to you.
"Damn that guy." Said Imayoshi and shaked his head lightly.

You both exited the gym. Aomine grabbed you quickly from the waist and leaned close, connecting your lips. His kisses were short and sweet. They meant a lot to you. After a while he stopped kissing you lips and went lower to your neck, leaving many soft kisses. You laughed, grabbing a hand full of his hair.
"Daiki." You said, trying to stop giggling from his ticklish kisses. "Stop. We'll have time for that tonight."

The bluenette immediately stopped and looked up in your eyes with his blue ones that were bright and showing lust. You giggled once again.
"My parents left the house. We'll have the house to ourselves for the weekend!" You cheered.

Aomine smirked and stood up straight.
"Well then..." He pulled you close and this time grabbed your ass. "We have a lot of work to do." He said with a naughty tone. You pulled away yourself from him.
"Daiki-chan! Not here... By the way, I see that you finally are practicing, huh?" You smirked at him and crossed your arms.
"Yeah, it's good to do so once in a while." He copied your actions. You laughed at his words. "Why you laughing for."
"Nothing... Anyway go inside and get over with your practice. I'll be waiting for you home." You kissed his cheek and start to walk away.

He stayed there with crossed hands, staring at you walking away. When he was about to open the door to the gym he heared your voice.
"Already thinking about tonight I see."
"What?" He stared at your form confused but you didn't even looked back and gave him an answer.
"Fix your form." You shouted and disappeared turning to a corner.

It took him a while to understand your words and when he looked down on his form he finally saw it.

Byakuya Kuchiki X Reader
Modern!AU ~Big Regret~
[One Shot]

You heard singing from the living room and immediately rushed there.

"Thunder's getting exciting're the only one, you're my only.
You're my life.
Every breath that I take. Unforgettable so unbelievable.
You're the only one my only one."

He stopped. You were shocked.
"...What the hell was that?"
"(Y/N)..." The black haired man said and turned to look at you. He saw that shocked look on your face and turned to you with his back.
"Why didn't you ever told me that you can-"
"You didn't hear anything." He stated simply and headed to your shared bedroom and locked the door behind him.

It took you a moment to process what happened. After a bit you snapped out of your trance and ran to the door of your bedroom and start to bang on it.
"Byakuya! Come out. What's the meaning of this? I need explanations." You yelled to the door.
"If you need explanations to that, that means you're very stupid." He said bluntly.
'What the...? The Byakuya I know would never said that... Oh My! Don't tell me!' You thought to yourself. "You're tsundere!" You squealed and start to jupm up and down.

Byakuya stayed silent for a while,  not understanding what you said.
"Aww, Byakuya!" You decided to test if you're theory was right. "Were you singing this song for me?"
"......No." He answered after a minute.
"Oh My! I was right. You are tsundere!" You fangirled while running circles out the door.

It took Byakuya a while to finally open the door.
"Your squealing is annoy-" You interrupted him with one of you loving and warm hugs.

He just stayed there like a tree until you whispered camly and sincerely in his ear.
"I love you so much. You're the only one that I want to have besides me until the end."

When you felt his hands on your back a small smile appeared on your face without him knowing.

"... I love you too... You are my only one." You were shocked... and after a while you start to squeal in his ear again and suffocate him with your 'hug'...
'I regret saying this...'

Byakuya Kuchiki X Reader Modern!AU ~Big Regret~
Hello! It took me a while to update something but here you go.
Sorry for any grammar errors.
If anyone is interested for the song in the fanfic it's : You are the only one - Sergey Lazarev
Also thank you everyone that favourites my stories and reads them.
BTW I'll try updating the Kabuto X Reader as soon as possible. Sorry that I'm slow.
I don't own anything but the story.
Enjoy!:| (Blank Stare) 
Aoba Yamashiro X Reader ~We are one~ [One shot]

'My hero.' You thought as you looked at the picture that the bright sun from outside was shining upon.

That picture, it was taken exactly a year ago. He was wearing his glasses as usual and smiling to the camera. You were doing the same. Exactly a year ago he decided to tell you all the things that he wanted to tell you from the day he met you. Exactly a year ago you had decided to show him how much you loved and cared about him. One year ago he understood that he wanted to be with you forever and ever. That one year ago you understood that there was only one like him and that you would never let him go. That one year ago... That was the day you two united with heart and soul... and you both just wanted more. You wanted to be one.

You turned around on your side and there he was. Every morning he was there. With you. Just sleeping peacefully not doing much but in the same time making you the happiest woman in the world. Just knowing that he was there was making you wanna live even more.

You caressed his cheek with the back of your hand, smiling. His skin was something always liked to feel. His soft and clean skin was always something you wanted to touch. That touch of his. It was always so gentle and warm. 'I want to always feel it.' You thought as intertwined you hands and kissed the back of his hand.

You looked at his face and saw that he was already awake.
He copied your action and kissed your hand. You couldn't help but smile widely.
"That smile of yours is a sign that this day will be another bright and worth living day." He said after kissing your cheek. You giggled at his compliment and sat up. He did the same. He leaned close and pecked your lips. "You're not talking much this morning." He stated with a smirk on his lips.
"I just don't feel like talking... I think that today actions mean way more than words." You said, placing your hand on your his leg. He laughed lightly.
"Yeah, I guess you're right." He looked up to the ceiling, sighing. "Well then, I'll give you some action today. Let's be one." After saying that he immediately attacked you with his love.
"Ah, Aoba!"
Kabuto X Orochimaru's Sister!Reader Office!AU [I'll think about it] Part 1

"Can you please bring me the papers that Kabuto was supposed to bring me a week ago, (Y/N)?" Said your boss, bringing his hand over his face. "He always forgetting to bring me things..."
"Ok I'll bring them in a minute." You stood up from the chain that was across your boss's and made your way towards man's office.

After about two minutes you arrived and knocked his door.
"Mr. Kabuto, can I come in?"

~Kabuto's P.O.V.~

I stood up and start to clean up as quickly as I could.
"O-one minute." I quickly zipped my pants and did my tie. "Enter." I said, feeling my face turn redder than before.
"Good evening. What were you doing?" She said looking at me suspiciously. 'Fuck. I'll get caught.'
"Um trying to find some papers but you startled me and I hit my head." I walked up to her to greet her with a handshake. She looked at my hand and then back at me.
"Let's skip the handshakes." She said with a disgusted tone. "I came to take the paper you should have given to Orochimaru a week ago."
"Oh, Fuck... I forgot about it." I start to panic.
"Don't tell me... You didn't do it again. What happened with you? It's been two months that you start to fail with your job." She asked me, for the first time showing a worried face. "Is there something in your mind lately?"
'Yes, It's you. Your silhouette won't leave my head. Your lips are always my target. Your eyes won't let me work.' "No. Not really."
"You sure?" She placed her hand on my shoulder. 'That warmth is so great. It's her second time touching me after the day the Boss introduced her to me.' I nodded my head.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little sit." I couldn't help but lie to her.
"Oh, is that so? Let me check if you have temperature." She touched my forehead with her hand and then with her lips. 'IT'S A FUCKING DREAM!' "Oh my. You're actually pretty hot. Why don't you take a break from work for a few days?"
"No, no, no, no. I'm pretty fine. I can work." I went back to my chair and sat down. "See I'll finish the papers for Orochimaru in a few minutes." I said as I took the papers from the small table near my chair and placed them on my working desk.

(Y/N) walked up to my desk and took the papers from me.
"Let me handle these papers. After all it's almost time for you to leave. You should go home and get some medicine for your own good." She turned on her heels ready to leave but I unconsciously grabbed her hand. She looked at me with a serious face. "Is there something you want?" I freaked out and let go of her hand, feeling very uncomfortable.
"I-uh...sorry about it." I lowered my head, ashamed of my move.
"So there's nothing?" I shacked my head to sign a no.

She made her way to the door and glance one last time at me.
"Have a good evening then-"
"Wait!" I interrupted her. She stared at me waiting for me to speak. "I-uh... would you like to... maybe... go get something to eat, tomorrow... with me?" I shook my head. "Sorry let me put this better. Would you like to have tomorrow dinner with me after work?" I asked her again 'Oh how I want to slap myself.' She didn't reply for a moment.
"I'll think about it. Good evening." She answered closing the door.

~Your P.O.V.~

'What a stupid man. So clumsy and such an idiot.' I walked down the corridor toward my boss's office. 'My mind is always on him. The only time that I'm not thinking is when I'm at work and still I get to see him all the time. He's so hot yet so stupid and now he asked me to have dinner with him.' I reached my boss's door but I didn't enter. 'What should I do?... I'll think about it later. I have work to do.' I knocked on the door and after being given the permission I entered.
"As expected he didn't do the work." My boss smirked and laughed lightly getting up and approaching me.
"As expected I can only count on you." I gave him the papers and nodded. "What happened?" He asked, getting serious cause after all he is my brother. "What did he said?"

I shook my head lightly. "Nothing...? Why are you asking?" I asked him back. It was unusual for him to get serious about me and Kabuto.
"Oh come on." He placed his and on my head and ruffled my hair. "I'm not blind. I see the way he looks at you every time you walk past him. I also can see that spark in your eyes when he speaks to you for every random reason he comes up with." I blushed more and with every word that left his mouth.
"W-what are y-you talking ab-"
"Aaaand the fact that you fix yourself ever time he's about to come to my office." I was feeling so embarrassed with his words.
"B-brother... stop, it's embarrassing... It's not like that." He laughed and hugged me lightly.
"You like him, don't you." I couldn't lie to my brother so I only nodded. He caressed my cheek and kissed my forehead. "I'll be hear for you no matter what."
"Thank you brother... By the way he... He asked me out... He asked me if I want to have dinner with him tomorrow."
"And you said?" I looked down.
"... I'll think about it." He smiled kindly and went back to his chair.
"You can go and inform him that you accept his invitation. He's pretty useful."
"I-" A knock on the door interrupted me. Kabuto walked in and bowed his head.
"Have a good evening." My brother nodded his head as a reply. Kabuto glanced at me and then closed the door as he left.

"Why didn't you stopped him?" Orochimaru asked me. I looked at him and then realized what he meant.
"I... I got carried away."
"By his hotness?"
"Brother!" He laughed at my reaction. He stood up once again and grabbed his bag.

~Normal P.O.V.~

"How about we head home and have a cup of tea with a chocolate bar with a (f/f) filling?" He suggested, pulling out of his bag the said sweet treat. Your eyes sparkled when you saw the treat, but within seconds you got serious again.
"But brother. What about the papers you asked me bring to you?" He patted your head.
"We'll talk about that tomorrow. Let's go." He signed with his head for you to go ahead.

To be continued...
Kabuto X Reader [I'll think about it] Part 1
Here you go. Another one of my meaningless fanfics.
This is a Kabuto X Reader that was requested by GuardianofHappiness.
Hope you like it.
Also I decided not to do a New Year fanfic so.... I'll make one for the next year.
I don't own anything but the story.
Sorry for any grammar errors.
There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".
Uryu Ishida X Reader ~True Love~ [One Shot]

A/n: (y/h) - your height
(h/c) - hair color
(L/N) - your last name
(F/N) - your first name
(Y/F/N) - your full name

Once upon a time there was a (y/h) girl with (h/c) silky hair. Her beauty was know to the whole town. Every guy in school was in love with her beauty and intelligence. Everyone assumed that she was the shy and silent type of girl but that wasn't the truth. The reason why she was so silent was ...
...cause she had the worst profanity of them all and whenever she would talk, everything she would say was mean towards everyone.

"(L/N)-Chan!" The said girl stopped in her track and turned around only to see her classmate, Orihime Inoue. "I was searching for you all day!"
"I-I um... I need your help in a project, can you please come with me to our homeroom?"
"..." It was pretty obvious to you that she was lying so you didn't move an inch and instead kept staring in her eyes. She immediately gave up.
"Fine... It's just that Ishida-kun wants to confess to you and they told me to bring you." She lowered her head, disappointed in herself.
"Is that so..." You start to walk towards your homeroom for your meeting with Uryu.
"Wait! I'm coming with-"
"No need." The orange haired girl was left behind.

Once outside your class, you stood there for a minute, facing the door. When you felt ready you forcefully opened the door, taking the raven haired boy in the room by surprise.
"(L/N)-San!" He fixed himself as fast as he could and stood straight like a pole.

You approached him and stared him in the eyes. 'I love these fucking eyes. I wish I could take of his glasses and-' Uryu interrupted your thoughts by clearing his throat.
"(Y/F/N), I want to tell you that... It's been a while since I actually f-"
"Please make it shorter." You interrupted him with your stupid mean comment. 'Fuck! I didn't want it to sound so mean.'
"I- um, sorry. I really like you. Will you please go out with me?"
'That was fast...' Uryu did his best not to shout out of surprise. "Why is that?"
"First, you're pathetic and second, your 'I like you' is not enough. Try again when and if you'll be feeling more than that." You turned on your heels and left immediately, leaving a calm Uryu behind.

~After a month~

As you were about to put the last book inside your bag, you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned around to see a dorky smile on your orange haired classmate's face.
"How about we hang out for a bit?"

"What did you want me for, Kurosaki?" You asked the tall boy when he sat on a random bench.
"Nothing much, just wanted to hang out with you."
"You're as shitty as Orihime-san, in telling lies."
"Damn, why are you so mean?"
"Don't change the subject Kurosaki. Spill the beans."
"Tsh." He clicked his tongue and pointed at the park in front of you two, with his finger. "Your Romeo is waiting you there." You looked up and saw the raven haired boy bending over the tree and looking up the sky. "Well I completed my task so I'm leaving. See ya." He got up and walked off.

You walked up to Uryu pretty nervous, like you were the one that was about to confess. You stepped on a small branch and it made a noise. Uryu immediately shot up to see you coming.
"(L/N)-San! I'm glad you arrived safely."
"Cut the shit. What do you want?"
"You know, you're surprising me more and more each time we talk."
"What a compliment."
"Isn't it obvious?"
"I guess it is..." He looked on the ground, searching for the courage he needs at the moment. "Anyway" He looked you in the eyes, pretty confident. "The other day you told me to try again when, or if, I'll be feeling more than really liking you... I like you insanely. Please go out with me."
"No." You answered bluntly.
"What? Why not?"
"You're a chicken." You turned around and left.

~After a week~

"Huh~" You sighed in relief. Another day over, now you can finally go home and lay down in your bed.
When you arrived outside your house you saw the lights on. That was a wierd thing for you since your parents would come home pretty late. As you entered your house you heard voices coming from the kitchen.

You took off your shoes and coat, placed your bag in the corner and went to check on what was going on in the kitchen.

You were honestly surprised. There was your mother and your, oh so dear, classmate and admirer sitting and having tea.
"What the hell is happening here?"
"Oh, (F/N), your boyfriend came over and said that you invited him here. It's not right to invite someone and not be there in time." Your mother scolded you, not to mention that she was angry that you never mentioned about you having a boyfriend.
"It's fine Mrs. (L/N). I'm sure it wasn't her fault. She probably had cleaning duty today, am I right, love?" He smirked at you.
"Oh yeah. I had a cleaning duty today mother. It was unexpected. Anyway, how about we go upstairs, my love?" You said, very mad, but of course didn't show it.
"I agree." He stood up from his sit and looked at your mother. "Thank you for the tea, it was fantastic." He said, bowing.

You two went upstairs and once the door to your room was closed...
"... Smart move, Ishida."
"Why, thank you for the compliment." He smirked and bowed.
"Cut the shit, Uryu. Why did you lied to my mother and why are you in my house?" You asked him. It was pretty obvious that you were furious.
"First of all, I never lied. I just stated our soon to be relationship and I'm here to tell you this..." He took your hands in his. "I'll never give up on you. So I'm here to say that I love you very much and I won't let anyone touch you. Please go out with me."
"So I- oh seriously? You said 'okay'?"
"Yeah." You just stared in his eyes.
" That actually feels good." A tiny smile appeared on his face.
"You know what else feels good?" Ishida's head shot up, all red. "You dirty bitch, I was about to say to eat some jelly." You said mockingly.
"D-don't judge me."
"I'm not. Actually your idea is better."
"Huh-" He was interrupted by your lips.
"I would like for you to show me what you were thinking." You said, connecting your lips once again and pushed him on your bed.

10 deviations
Makoto Tachibana X Reader Free! (One shot) ~Christmas Gift~

*Knock Knock*
After about 2 minutes the front door was open.
"Hello Mrs. Tachibana! How are you doing?" You asked with a cheerful voice.
"Oh (Y/N)! Hello, I'm great! Come in, you'll freeze outside."
"Thank you." You bowed and entered. "Am I bothering?"
"No, dear. You'll never be a bother."
"Haha thank you." You smiled. "Is everyone out?" You asked, pretty surprised by the unusual silence.
"My husband is off to work and Makoto went out to the park with Ren and Ran." She smiled kindly. "Sorry that he's not here."
"No, no. It's fine. Oh, here!" You happily handed a large box off sweets to Makoto's mother. "I brought some Sakuramochi, Kuzumochi and some Warabimochi! I made them myself. It took me a few hours but they are good! Hope you'll like it!"
"Oh my! Thank you. Let's go to the kitchen." The olive green haired woman offered happily.
"Hai!" You replied excitedly.

Once there, you and Mrs. Tachibana started chatting about different recipes and enjoying some nice sweets.

~Time Skip!~ *Brought by a scared Ran running away from Ren with a beetle in his hands*

 "Mom, we're home!" Shouted Makoto when he entered the house. Ran and Ren rushed in the kitchen, knowing that their mother is always there. Makoto on the other hand was taking it slowly, taking off his shoes.
"(Y/N)!!!" Shouted the two kids. Makoto looked surprised in the space hearing the name.
"(Y/N)?" He asked himself. Makoto took off his coat and went to the kitchen as well. There he saw his siblings hugging his dear girlfriend, ready to suffocate her.

You saw Makoto and smiled at him. "Hey, Makoto! Welcome back! How was your walk in the park?" Makoto couldn't help but show her his perfect and sweet smile.
"It was pretty ni-"
"IT WAS AMAYZING!!!" Interrupted Ren. "I found a huge beetle and then I found a few little ones!" He showed you a small vase with four random beetles in it.
"Kyaa! Take them away from me!" Shouted Ran, panicking and running behind her mother.
"Um... They are awesome but I think you should set them free now." Said (Y/N) laughing slightly. Ren looked down at his beetles with sad eyes.
"I guess so..."
"(Y/N) is right. Why don't you two go free them together?" Suggested Mrs. Tachibana.
"Hai!" Cheered Ren and grabbed your hand, pulling you with him. You laughed and followed him outside.

"How long is she here?" Makoto asked his mother, while setting down on the chair his girl was sitting.
"About 20 minutes. Don't worry we were talking about random things. I guess I got to know her more." She kept on smiling happily. Makoto smiled back.
"I'm glad."
"Oh, (Y/N) brought some homemade sweets that she made. Would you like one?" Makoto smiled proudly.
"Of course!"
"Me too!!" Shouted Ran.

~To you and Ren~

"Don't you feel a bit better to know that these beetles are gonna live freely a happy life?" You asked the young boy that was sitting with you outside his house. The said boy smiled and hugged you.
"Yeah, I'm sure they'll live freely out there."
"I'm happy that you are sure of that." You hugged Ren back. "How about we head back inside? I brought some sweets I would you to try."
"Yeah!! Let's go, let's go!" The boy start to jump up and down excitedly. He grabbed her hand and start to pull her inside.
"Hahaha. Okay, I'm coming."

Once inside both of you saw Makoto and Ran already eating some Sakuramochi and Mrs. Tachibana just sitting there, smiling.
"Hey, they are already eating." He pouted.
"Come sit here." Said Makoto while getting up from his chair. "I already ate." Ren ran to the chair and got ready to eat some homemade sweets.
"Shall we go upstairs?" Asked Makoto, placing his hand on your shoulder. Before you could reply Ren interrupted you.
"Hehe Makoto and (Y/N) are going to do funny stuff again." Said Ren, wiggling his eyebrows while looking at his sister. She giggled covering her mouth.
"Oi! W-what are you even talking about?" Makoto panicked and his face got all red. Ren and Ran made kissy faces while giggling.
"Makoto, (Y/N), go upstairs you two. I'll handle theme." Said Makoto's mother still smiling. You nodded and dragged Makoto away from the kitchen.

~In Makoto's room~

"I can believe it. Did the saw us?"
"I don't know Makoto. Stop panicking. Nothing happened." You was trying your best to calm him down.
"They are still young to know about this kind of things." Makoto finally sat down on his bed, near you.
"Makoto, calm down. It's not like they saw us having sex or something-"
"Oh My! What if they did?" He start to panick even more. "How do you know they didn't?"
"We've never done it in your house..." Makoto stopped.
"I guess... But still they-"
"Makoto." You interrupted him. "It's nothing. They'll be alright." You kissed his cheek. "They are old enough to at least know about that." You pecked his lips this time. "After all, I think it's your fault for not locking the door." You smirked and kissed his neck. Makoto blushed even more than before.
"(Y/N)! Not now. What if Ren and Ran will see as again?" You sighed and got up to lock the door.
"Now no one will see us."
"N-no. Let's not I don't feel like it." Said Makoto, not confident to kiss you with all of these things happening.
"Pff fine." You plopped down near him again. "Then tell me at least what do you want as a Christmas gift?" Makoto then realized that Christmas is a few days away. "I searched a lot but I can't find anything so tell me what you want."

Makoto was silent for a moment.
"... All I want for Christmas is you." He said not even looking at you. You saw his red ears and laughed.
"Aww are you blushing?" You lifted his head and saw his blush. You giggles while kissing all his face. "If that's all you want..." You start to unbutton his shirt. He smirked at you. You brought your face close to his. "Take me."
"As you wish." Makoto attacked you with kisses.

"Makoto and (N/Y) sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" You heard two voices from outside. Makoto immediately stopped and ran towards his siblings.
You face palmed and whispered. "Damn it..."
Makoto Tachibana X Reader ~Christmas Gift~
Hello Babies!
I'm back for the holidays! Well my life is a bit f*cked up at the moment but I'll try to make to more stories for the holidays.
Here you go a christmas story. I'll be busy on 25th and 26th making a story for the new year. Please comment this story and tell me with who should I make the New Years story.
Enjoy my Makoto X Reader Fanfic that I made for you.
I don't own anything except the story.
Enjoy!! :heart: 
Ps. Sorry for any grammar errors. XD   
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Kakuzu X Reader

"Hey, give me my blanket." You ordered your boyfriend.
"Get your butt off the couch and take it yourself." He said, annoyed by you ordering him all day.
"Come again?... Weren't you the one who said 'The loser is gonna be the winners slave for a day'?" You questioned him, mimicking his voice with a raised eyebrow and a huge smirk on your face. Kakuzu groaned at you.
"I'm tired you know. You had me up doing stuff all day. I'm not that young anymore."
"That's your problem, not mine. Now go and bring me my blanket, I'm freezing." Kakuzu stood up and start his journey to the living room, leaving his precious money in the same room as you. Big mistake.

Once he was in the living room, he saw his idiotic partner sitting on the couch, cocooned in your blanket, watching a documentary about religions... again.

Kakuzu glared at him, not wanting to deal with Hidans shit as well as yours. The brunette approached his partner and then noticed that he was trembling.
Hidan looked up, at him.
"What do you need, old fart?" Very politely, asked Hidan, mimicking the glare that was giving him Kakuzu.
"Give me the blanket."
"Like hell I'm gonna do that. I'm freezing here, go find yourself another blanket." Hidan focused himself on the TV once again.

Kakuzu on the other hand only glared him harder. He took hold of one corner of the blanket that was popping out and start to leave dragging the blanket and Hidan along, without caring about the world anymore.
"Hey-" Hidan fell off the couch cause of Kakuzu and, as always, start to curse him as he was leaving.

Once in your room, he threw the blanket on your laying form, particularly on your face.
"Hey! Watch where you're throwing stuff." You said angrily, removing the blanket off your face.
"Shut up already..." You turned your head around, ready to shout more at him but stopped as he sat down on his chair, the exhaustion very visible on his face and body.
You stood up and approached him, placing your hand on his shoulder and kneeling down so he won't need a force himself to look up.
"What's wrong?" He sighed.
"Like I said before, I'm tired."
You chuckled.
"I'm sorry but it is your fault after all. You were the one who suggested to play poker." Silence. You looked around, thinking of something to say so you can cheer him up and then your gaze fell on your shared bed. A smile immediately creeped on your face.
"Hey Kakuzu, how about me massaging your back so you can feel better?" He immediately look up at you and chuckled.
"I thought you would order me to massage you." You giggled.
"Good idea! But now I order you to lie down so I can massage you."

He obeyed your order and lied down so his back would face the cielling. You climped on top of him and sat comfortable upon his ass. You start to jump up and down like it was a trampoline, in the process hurting Kakuzu even more. He growled, making you stop.
"My bad. Got cared away. Teehee!" You stack you tongue out making your beloved boyfriend sigh.

You placed you hand on the top or his shoulders and start your massage therapy. = ̄ω ̄=

After 3 minutes of massaging and chatting about random stuff with your precious (old ˋ﹏ˊ) boyfriend you got fired up [ (←_←)   (→_→)   ( ̄ω ̄) ] and decided to make your boyfriend feel the same.

As you were massaging his lower back you sat a bit lower and start to "massage" his precious little ass that you loved so much.
".... What are you doing, stupid?" He asked you but didn't bother to turn and look at you.
"Nooothin'." You said with a cute and  playful tone.

You moved your hands at the sides of his waist and then quickly managed to shove them on his member, taking him by surprise.
"What got into you so suddenly?" He asked you again know that his friend was erecting down there. You felt it and tried to move your hands as much as you could. He turned around and sat up a bit. Well as much as he could since you were sitting upon him.

You pushed him down and continued your job freely. You lowered his pants along with his underwear a bit so you could pull out his member.

Kakuzu couldn't do anything. He just stared at you, doing your thing.

You stroked Kakuzu's member up and down making it grow a bit. You look at Kakuzu and noticed his loving gaze upon you before he looked away. You smirked at his reaction and decided to take the situation further. You stack his member in to your mouth and start to suck on it.

Kakuzu was shocked by your sudden change of mood but he sure knew what to do. He took hold of your hair and start to move you head up and down. After years of relationship he learned the fact that you liked it rough.

You were sucking him rough, not showing mercy but after a bit you stopped and pulled your head away of Kakuzu's fountain of love. (*^﹏^*)

You removed his clothes completely. He did the same to you. When fully naked, you start to play with your womanhood, allowing him to have the best view of you doing dirty stuff.

The sight of you doing these kind of things had set Kakuzu on fire. So he decided to make a move as well.

He leaning his face toward your womanhood, removed your hand and start to lick your entrance. Pleasure ran through your whole body. A loud moan escaped your mouth without you noticing but Kakuzu heard it and got even more turned on (if possible).

You looked down at your beloved boyfriend doing his thing and grabbed his hair out of excitement, just like he did to you. Kakuzu looked up and smirked. You moved himself upwards and start to leave his personal marks all over your neck. You liked when he would do that, it was rear for him to leave any sort of marks on you.

Once done with marking you he opened up you legs wide enough to have the best view of his lover. He placed his member upon your womanhood and start to tease both of you by rubbing himself with you. He moved his member to your entrance and allowed himself enter the golden hall.

He groaned as he felt tightness around him. You always tight, only cause you wanted to annoy him. He would always say that he hated that tightness of yours but actually he learned to love it.

Kakuzu was brought back of his thoughts to reality by your voice pleading for him to move.

He did as you requested. He gently start to move himself inside of you. Love, hate, pain, pleasure, were the things you were feeling at the moment. You loved the fact that he caused you the pain you wanted and hated that he knows how to take control of you by pleasuring you. Mixed emotions.

When his thrusts became extra quit you couldn't hold back your moans at all. Well you can say that even Hidan could here you.

When you both climaxed you suddenly felt exhausted in a second and your eyes closed immediately.

~Time Skip, cause I'm evil!~

"Oh, Hey Hi...dan.... What are you even doing?" You asked the man inside his blanket-cocoon, covering his ears and glaring at you.
"I'm trying to prevent your voice from my ears... I don't think I  want to hear your voice anymore." He replied to you and focused his attention back to the TV. You got red after a minute of thinking.
"You were eavesdropping!?" You were fully embarrassed.
"You insane? Of course not. You were heard all over the base..."
".........Oh" You left the living room and headed to the kitchen as quick as you could.

Once there you saw Kisame, still with his Pj's, and Itachi drinking tea. You didn't say a word and opened up the fridge to take some orange juice. You poured the juice in a glass. When you was about to finish up your drink, Kisame spoke up.

"I didn't know that you are so loud" You choked on your drink. "It would be nice to cause you make those moans for me." He turned and looked at you with his sly smirk.
"You bastard...." You cursed your friend and stormed off to your room again.

"What happened?" Asked Kakuzu calmly when he saw you enter the room with an upset face.
"Nothing..." You replied and sat down on your bed with crossed hands.

Kakuzu looked away from his money and focused on you, waiting for you to brust out what happened.
"Can you believe him? 'It would be nice to cause you make this moans for me' WHO DO YOU EVEN THINK YOU ARE?" You said angrily.
"Don't take it personally, he was teasing you-"
"Does it seems like I care?" You asked your beloved one, interrupting him. "There is no need to point out that I'm loud..." Kakuzu sighed and focused back on his precious money, leaving you calm down on your own.
There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".


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