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Kakuzu X Reader

"Hey, give me my blanket." You ordered your boyfriend.
"Get your butt off the couch and take it yourself." He said, annoyed by you ordering him all day.
"Come again?... Weren't you the one who said 'The loser is gonna be the winners slave for a day'?" You questioned him, mimicking his voice with a raised eyebrow and a huge smirk on your face. Kakuzu groaned at you.
"I'm tired you know. You had me up doing stuff all day. I'm not that young anymore."
"That's your problem, not mine. Now go and bring me my blanket, I'm freezing." Kakuzu stood up and start his journey to the living room, leaving his precious money in the same room as you. Big mistake.

Once he was in the living room, he saw his idiotic partner sitting on the couch, cocooned in your blanket, watching a documentary about religions... again.

Kakuzu glared at him, not wanting to deal with Hidans shit as well as yours. The brunette approached his partner and then noticed that he was trembling.
Hidan looked up, at him.
"What do you need, old fart?" Very politely, asked Hidan, mimicking the glare that was giving him Kakuzu.
"Give me the blanket."
"Like hell I'm gonna do that. I'm freezing here, go find yourself another blanket." Hidan focused himself on the TV once again.

Kakuzu on the other hand only glared him harder. He took hold of one corner of the blanket that was popping out and start to leave dragging the blanket and Hidan along, without caring about the world anymore.
"Hey-" Hidan fell off the couch cause of Kakuzu and, as always, start to curse him as he was leaving.

Once in your room, he threw the blanket on your laying form, particularly on your face.
"Hey! Watch where you're throwing stuff." You said angrily, removing the blanket off your face.
"Shut up already..." You turned your head around, ready to shout more at him but stopped as he sat down on his chair, the exhaustion very visible on his face and body.
You stood up and approached him, placing your hand on his shoulder and kneeling down so he won't need a force himself to look up.
"What's wrong?" He sighed.
"Like I said before, I'm tired."
You chuckled.
"I'm sorry but it is your fault after all. You were the one who suggested to play poker." Silence. You looked around, thinking of something to say so you can cheer him up and then your gaze fell on your shared bed. A smile immediately creeped on your face.
"Hey Kakuzu, how about me massaging your back so you can feel better?" He immediately look up at you and chuckled.
"I thought you would order me to massage you." You giggled.
"Good idea! But now I order you to lie down so I can massage you."

He obeyed your order and lied down so his back would face the cielling. You climped on top of him and sat comfortable upon his ass. You start to jump up and down like it was a trampoline, in the process hurting Kakuzu even more. He growled, making you stop.
"My bad. Got cared away. Teehee!" You stack you tongue out making your beloved boyfriend sigh.

You placed you hand on the top or his shoulders and start your massage therapy. = ̄ω ̄=

After 3 minutes of massaging and chatting about random stuff with your precious (old ˋ﹏ˊ) boyfriend you got fired up [ (←_←)   (→_→)   ( ̄ω ̄) ] and decided to make your boyfriend feel the same.

As you were massaging his lower back you sat a bit lower and start to "massage" his precious little ass that you loved so much.
".... What are you doing, stupid?" He asked you but didn't bother to turn and look at you.
"Nooothin'." You said with a cute and  playful tone.

You moved your hands at the sides of his waist and then quickly managed to shove them on his member, taking him by surprise.
"What got into you so suddenly?" He asked you again know that his friend was erecting down there. You felt it and tried to move your hands as much as you could. He turned around and sat up a bit. Well as much as he could since you were sitting upon him.

You pushed him down and continued your job freely. You lowered his pants along with his underwear a bit so you could pull out his member.

Kakuzu couldn't do anything. He just stared at you, doing your thing.

You stroked Kakuzu's member up and down making it grow a bit. You look at Kakuzu and noticed his loving gaze upon you before he looked away. You smirked at his reaction and decided to take the situation further. You stack his member in to your mouth and start to suck on it.

Kakuzu was shocked by your sudden change of mood but he sure knew what to do. He took hold of your hair and start to move you head up and down. After years of relationship he learned the fact that you liked it rough.

You were sucking him rough, not showing mercy but after a bit you stopped and pulled your head away of Kakuzu's fountain of love. (*^﹏^*)

You removed his clothes completely. He did the same to you. When fully naked, you start to play with your womanhood, allowing him to have the best view of you doing dirty stuff.

The sight of you doing these kind of things had set Kakuzu on fire. So he decided to make a move as well.

He leaning his face toward your womanhood, removed your hand and start to lick your entrance. Pleasure ran through your whole body. A loud moan escaped your mouth without you noticing but Kakuzu heard it and got even more turned on (if possible).

You looked down at your beloved boyfriend doing his thing and grabbed his hair out of excitement, just like he did to you. Kakuzu looked up and smirked. You moved himself upwards and start to leave his personal marks all over your neck. You liked when he would do that, it was rear for him to leave any sort of marks on you.

Once done with marking you he opened up you legs wide enough to have the best view of his lover. He placed his member upon your womanhood and start to tease both of you by rubbing himself with you. He moved his member to your entrance and allowed himself enter the golden hall.

He groaned as he felt tightness around him. You always tight, only cause you wanted to annoy him. He would always say that he hated that tightness of yours but actually he learned to love it.

Kakuzu was brought back of his thoughts to reality by your voice pleading for him to move.

He did as you requested. He gently start to move himself inside of you. Love, hate, pain, pleasure, were the things you were feeling at the moment. You loved the fact that he caused you the pain you wanted and hated that he knows how to take control of you by pleasuring you. Mixed emotions.

When his thrusts became extra quit you couldn't hold back your moans at all. Well you can say that even Hidan could here you.

When you both climaxed you suddenly felt exhausted in a second and your eyes closed immediately.

~Time Skip, cause I'm evil!~

"Oh, Hey Hi...dan.... What are you even doing?" You asked the man inside his blanket-cocoon, covering his ears and glaring at you.
"I'm trying to prevent your voice from my ears... I don't think I  want to hear your voice anymore." He replied to you and focused his attention back to the TV. You got red after a minute of thinking.
"You were eavesdropping!?" You were fully embarrassed.
"You insane? Of course not. You were heard all over the base..."
".........Oh" You left the living room and headed to the kitchen as quick as you could.

Once there you saw Kisame, still with his Pj's, and Itachi drinking tea. You didn't say a word and opened up the fridge to take some orange juice. You poured the juice in a glass. When you was about to finish up your drink, Kisame spoke up.

"I didn't know that you are so loud" You choked on your drink. "It would be nice to cause you make those moans for me." He turned and looked at you with his sly smirk.
"You bastard...." You cursed your friend and stormed off to your room again.

"What happened?" Asked Kakuzu calmly when he saw you enter the room with an upset face.
"Nothing..." You replied and sat down on your bed with crossed hands.

Kakuzu looked away from his money and focused on you, waiting for you to brust out what happened.
"Can you believe him? 'It would be nice to cause you make this moans for me' WHO DO YOU EVEN THINK YOU ARE?" You said angrily.
"Don't take it personally, he was teasing you-"
"Does it seems like I care?" You asked your beloved one, interrupting him. "There is no need to point out that I'm loud..." Kakuzu sighed and focused back on his precious money, leaving you calm down on your own.
Hello fellas!
I'll soon upload a fanfic. It'll be a Lemon, so thsi will be for my perverted friends X3
Hope you like it!!!
*Btw sorry for not actually doing the Denahi X Reader I wanted to.... A thing happend and it was deleted -_-.
So my exams are not over yet but I just figured out that I'll be leaving my house and go to my grandparents. They don't have internet connection at all so... I won't be able to talk to nobody or update... for all the summer. If anyone has a request or just wanna talk with me about something just sent me a message on my facebook account :…
~ :kiss:
Hello my friends and watchers!

So... I won't be able to upload Fanfictions or anything else cause I have exams in school until 13th of June. 
From today until then I won't be online and I would like to recieve from you any kind of request for a (character) X Reader. I can write with anyone you want like Sakamoto, Naruto characters, Disney characters, Death Note and more but NOT F.N.A.F. AND CREEPYPASTA. I'm useless with those kind of stories.
I'm asking for requests cause my phone kind of gone crazy and now ALL my (Awesome and wonderful) stories have been erased...... I cried...

Also I have an idea for a new fanfiction: Denahi X Reader.
For those who don't know who Denahi is [Most of the human beings. (All of you)], he is one of the two brothers that Kenai (the main character) has in the movie Brother Bear (Disney).
Attention! Denahi isn't Sitka. Denahi isn't the hot brother... It's Sitka. Denahi is the one that blames Kenai for Sitkas' death. In simple words he is the guy with the gray-ish blue shirt. XD

So if you have requests please put a DeviantArt in the comments and sent me a note with your ideas and request, I'll check them out after my exams are over (13th June).

Thank you, see ya!!~Heart Heart 
The Best Gift For Both Of Us
[Seijuro MikoshibaX Reader]


A huge amount of water fell on you. Your hair, uniform, shoes even your underwear was now wet. Emotions??? Angry and ready to send him to hell. Hell... The only place you want him to be right now.

Momo got out of the water and smiled to you.
"Did you liked it?" After he finally made his question he noticed the angry expression you had and after that the fact that you were wet from your head to toes.
"I.Will....KILL YOUUU." Momo looked at you and you could swear he pooped his swimming suit.

He start to run and, of course, you were chasing after him. The moment that your hand was inches from his hair you heard Rin shouting your name. You immediately stopped. Your sudden change of movement caused Momo to turn his head to look at you, while he was running. He saw you standing in place and was about to do the same but instead he fell in the pool.

You started laughing at him just like the other guys in Samezuka Academy. He popped his head out of the water and glared at you.
"Stop laughing. It's not funny. I could have get hurt." You stopped laughing and looked at him with a smirk.
"Are you hurt Momo?" You asked sarcastically but he didn't noticed it.
"No, I'm fine"
"That means I can laugh" You start to laugh again along with the guys.
Rin shouted your name once more and you immediately stopped laughing.
"What happened here?" He said with a serious voice and crossed his hands. You looked at him bored and pointed with your finger at Momotarou.
"He started it"
"Hey!" Momo shouted. You turned your head toward him and showed him your tongue; he glared at you. Rin sighed and facepalmed.
"(Y/N), you are two years older than him. Stop acting like a five years old kid."
"Look what he did to me" You pointed at your wet self. Rin sighed once more and handed you his towel.
"There. Now go and change your clothes, we have to go somewhere."
You and Momo looked at him, curiosity filled your minds.
"I'll tell you once we are outside." Rin looked at Momo for a moment and then to the rest of the guys. "Sousuke you're in charge while I am gone." Sousuke nodded in reply.

× Time Skip ×

You and Rin were now walking through the streets. You asked him several times where you two were going but he refused to answer.

"Riiiiin, please tell me... or else I'll leave."
"Yeah, right. Keep talking. I wont say a word." You glared at Rin and crossed your hands like a child. He chuckled at your action, put his hand around your shoulder and pulled you closer. You, still glaring at him, tried to break free from his embrace. He started laughing at your act. He pulled his hand away from your shoulder, put it on your head and shuffled your hair.
"You are such a baby."
"No, I am not. You are the one here that acts like an adult." He smiled at you, pulling his hand away from you.
"You know, I think that it's obvious why Seijuro start to date." You looked up at Rin and smiled. "You are very cute. It's logic that he couldn't stand against your cuteness." You giggled and thanked him for telling you such things.

x Time Skip x

After chatting for a long time with Rin you two stopped in front of a shop. 'Rocket Market' was written on the sign of the shop. You always loved this shop, your friend was working there and sometimes he would give you some free stuff.
" Why are we here?" You asked curious. Why would Rin ever bring you to yours, by everyone known, favourite shop? You couldn't think of any reason that's why you asked him once more, since he didn't answer the first time. He remain silent. You glared at him and received a stupid grin.

After a second the shop keeper came to you and said that you can take whatever you want for free! You were very excited.

You and Rin start to pick all the things you wanted and packed them in bags.

Once you were outside the shop you looked at the bags you and Rin were holding.
"Why they gave me things for free?" You asked Rin and he looked at you with a huge smile.
"I don't know. Maybe today is a special day. " He said giving more emphasis to the word 'special'. You couldn't understand what he was talking about so you replied with a 'Maybe'.

After a small walk in the park Rin bought you a (f/f) ice cream and a (f/d), while he for himself bought a cherry flavored ice cream and a pineapple juice. Later you both ate cheeseburgers and started to walk towards your house.

Silence was all over the streets to your way home until you broke it.
"Thank you Rin... for everything." Rin looked at you and smirked.
"What are you talking about? I didn't do anything. " You looked at him dumbfounded. "You forgot about your one year universery with Seijuro, didn't you?" He actually knew that you forgot but thought to act like he didn't know a thing. You, on the other hand, were silent with your eyes wide open.
'M-m-my... Our u-univer-rsary??? THE HELL? I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT IT' Your thoughts were cut by Rin's voice.
"Don't worry, all this things we bought today was Seijuro's presents. He was too busy to spend the day today with you so he asked me to spend it with you so you wouldn't be lonely."

You were so happy that you start to fangirl that moment. Rin nervously laughed at your sudden outbrust.

After a moment you calmed down yourself but you still was smiling like an idiot. Rin also smiled and tapped you head.
"You got an awesome boyfriend, (Y/N)." You looked at him and smiled more ( I don't know how you did that).
"Thank you, Rin... but I already knew that." Rin laughed with your response and start to walk once more.

Time skipped and you were infront of your house. " Thank you Rin for spending the day with me. I really appreciate that."
"Hahaha it's nothing shorty". He said and messed up your hair. You smacked his hand away from your head.
"I'm not short, the world is just big." He laughed at your response and whipped a tear of his eye. "Well, thank you again. See ya."
"See ya."

Rin left and you opened the door to your house.
"Mom. Dad. I'm home." After closing the door behind you, you took off your shoes and looked around the house for your parents. "Mom?... Dad?" You looked in every room, except of yours of course, but you didn't find then.
You shrugged your shoulders because you knew that they possibly were probably out eating peacefully.

You went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took out a bowl with strawberries covered with black chocolate that you had prepared the day before. You closed the fridge and headed to your bedroom. You stepped inside but you didn't turn on the lights. Your hand brushed on top your radio and automatically you pressed the "On" button. A happy song start to play.


After a bit you recognised the song as one of your favourites 'More Today Than Yesterday'. The first time you had heard this song was in the cafeteria you loved to hang out with your boyfriend's brother.

You sat on your chair, putting the bowl with the strawberries on your desk; your back facing your bed.
Suddenly, when the singer in the song start to sing, you heard a deep but smooth voice sing along. Your eyes widened immediately and you felt strong and huge hands grip your shoulders. The person span around the chair you were sitting on so you were facing them.

The happy face of your boyfriend was in front of you, singing. You were shocked but nonetheless happy.
Seijuro pulled you by your hands up and start to dance with you in his arms.

The room was filled with laughter and music.

After the music deid out Seijuro hugged you and whispered a 'Happy Birthday, my Golden Medal!' with a low and sweet voice.

Your heart skipped a bit and he felt it. A grin appeared on his face.
"Wow, Am I that hot?" He said and loud laughter followed. Your face, in the meantime, was red and your gaze was focused on the ground.
When Seijuro's laughter faded he, smiling, grabbed your chin, lifting up your face. Your eyes, still, were looking at the ground and your cheeks got even more redder.
"What is it?" He sweetly questioned.
"... B-Baka." You said before grabbing his face and kissing him on the lips.

He was surprised since he never thought that you would ever do that. After a second he relaxed and very passionately kissed you back.

Your make out session lasted 3 minutes, surpising you since he would always try to last it as more as possible.
He lift you up and placed you upon your bed. He climbed upon you and start to take off his shirt.
"Oi, wait." You stopped him in the middle of his strip show. "What do you think you're doing. What if my parents will come home, you baka?"
He chuckled but continued his strip show.
"Oi, are you listening?"

When he finished stripping off his clothes and was only with his underwear he leaned in and start to kiss your neck whispering.
"Don't worry... *kiss* I talked to them... *kiss* They won't come till tomorrow evening." Your face was redder than before.
"What d-do you mean? What did you told them?"
"That I want to fuck you." You felt yourself steaming.
"W-W-WHAT? You're crazy?" you shouted in shock.
"Yes, for you." He said kissing your forehead.

You crossed you hand over your chest and looked away.
"Heh, I'm messing with you. I would never have said that kind of thing to your parents... but I hinted it to them."

You looked at him angrily.
He laughed once again.
"Gomen, (N/N)".

Extended Ending~
Next day~ At Samezuka~

"Rin!" Shouted Seijuro. The said maroon haired boy turned around with a blank stare at his old captain. Nitori, Sosuke and Momorarou that were near by, heard the older Mikoshiba shout and looked at him as well. "Did you complete your mission?" He asked him like a commander his soldier.

Rin nodded and handed Seijuro's MP3 back to him.
"What is this all about?" Asked Sosuke approaching with the other two behind him.
"Believe me, you don't wanna know." Said Rin sighing.
"If I wouldn't want to know I wouldn't even asked." Sosuke Replied back with a poker face.

A grin appeared on the old captain's face.
"Heh, If you wanna know, I'll tell you. It's a recording of my last night's event with (Y/N)." The other guys knowing what Seijuro meant sighed in unison.
"I never thought that you were that much of an pervert, brother." Momotarou exclaimed.
"Hey, don't call me that. Just listen to that and you'll get what I mean."
Seijuro pressed play and regulated the loudness so that only them would hear it.

A sea of moans was heard. Sosuke facepalmed himself and Momo's face was disgusted. Rin glanced at the guys and noticed that Nitori's face was red.
"Nitori you ok-? NITORI!" All the guys looked worrily at a fainted Nitori lying on the floor.
The Best Gift For Both Of Us [Seijuro M. X Reader]
Hi there! 
I found that story undone in me notes so I finished it right now.
I really love Seijuro Mikoshiba from Free! so this is for the ones who love him.
Press Play to the song when you'll see the # in the story:…

Hope you Enjoy Babies!!FREE flying hearts Icon 

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What Are You Wearing Right Now: I white T-Shirt and Gray Sport Pants ( My Pj's).

When Did You Start This Account: On my Birthday September 16th 2014

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Do You Run Anymore Blogs: Not really.

Do You Get A Lot Of Comments: No i don't... GIVE ME COMMENTS!

Why Did You Choose Your Username: Most of the guys are calling me by my Facebook Name that's why I chose the Anaki and the rest is a number I had come up younger for my accounts.

People I Tag: .... No one cause I'm a good person (Feline... I still hate you. You interrupted my lazy self doing nothing :heart: )!
21 deviations
Kagami Taiga X Reader
[Best Valentine's day]

A/N: Please read the description first so the story can make sense to you.

"Haaaa, finally I can breath freely." Said the happy red head after letting out a sigh of relief. He stretched out a bit and start to jump up and down like a runner getting ready to defeat his opponents.

The raven haired guy beside him breathed the fresh air and nodded.
"Me too. It's really relieving." He unzipped his bug, getting for himself a bottle of water.

"Kagami-kun" The red haired guy looked at down at his short fellow. "I'm hungry, let's go to eat."
"I agree with Tetsu. I'm also hungry. All the way here my stomach was rumbling and Atsushi wouldn't give me his snacks." Said the tall bluenette boy from behind him while glaring at the purple giant who was enjoying his snacks.

"Gahh, OK. I'll take you to my favourite place!" Kagami said smiling.

~Time Skip~ Brought by a munching baby Murasakibara.

*Burb* "Oh Lord that was good." Said Aomine while rubbing gently his 'little' tummy.
"Thank you, Kagami-kun, for bringing us to this place. It really was awesome." Kuroko said, copying Aomine's movements.

"*Taiga! Look guys, It's Taiga!" Shouted a girl with blond hair and blue glasses.The said boy turned around and saw a group of High school kids. A bright smile appeared on his face. Those guys; His old friends and classmate. Lucy, Max, Martin, Sasha and Ronald.

Kagami stood immediately up ones he saw the blonde girl, Sasha, run over to him and Lucy right after her. Taiga opened his arms wide to welcome both, blonde and brunette girls, in his embrace. The girls jumped happily on him to give him warm hugs.

"*Hahahaha. Hello there. How are you guys; long time no see."
"*We are just fine, how about you? When did you came here." Replied the green eyed brunette.
"* I arrived three hours ago." Taiga let go of the girls and made a hand shake with every guy. "*Why aren't you guys in the school?"

Ronald pulled out of his pocket a small flier and handed it to Kagami. He took a good look at it seeing sea of people on it but a certain (h/c) hair caught his attention. His eyes went wide and his head shot up to look at his friends.

"*Today is her graduation day, so the third-years all planned a huge party in school. By the way, in one hour she'll be on the stage!-"
"Damn, the fact that I can't understand a word they're saying is getting on my nerves." Aomine interrupted Martin.
"Daiki, don't interrupt the others. Now they will get the worst impression." Said a every annoyed Momoi. "*Hahaha. Hello, I apologise for my friend interrupting your conversation." She said to Ronald, trying here best to speak in English.

Ronald in return smiled, putting his hand on Momoi's shoulder.
"*It's OK. Don't worry about it, cutie." Momoi's cheeks redden a bit, drawing Tetsuya and Aomine's attention; Daiki, since Kuroko isn't that scary, shot a quick glare at Ronald making the said boy take his hand away from Satsuki's shoulder.

Kagami taking notice of all this interrupted, bringing back the topic; Ignoring completely Aomine's statement.
"*S-so, what were you saying there?" He spoke, smiling awkwardly.
"Ah yeah. (F/N) graduated and in one  hour she'll be on the stage with her band, you know,The Drinkers."
"*Here you go, that's the list with the set of the participants." Said Max smiling and handed him another small poster.

Taiga checking out the list, after two seconds, found the name he was searching for. "*24-The Drinkers. So you say in one hour huh?" Kagami's voice came out sounding a bit worried. They all nodded. "*Can I get there on time?"
"*Well, if you'll start now you'll be there twenty minutes earlier so..." Kagami turned around to face his friends from Japan, interrupting Lucy.
"Hey, get up we got to hurry-"
"Wheeere? I don't wanna move at the moment." Murasakibara whined. Tatsuya looked at him and laugh a bit.
"Come on, Taiga has to go to his girlfriend and-"
"Ex-girlfriend" Kagami interrupted once again. (How rude)
"Yes, his 'ex-girlfriend and see her on the stage because he missed her and he wants to get her back."
"Tatsuya!" Kagami shouted at him angrily.
"And why can't he go by himself?" Asked Atsushi, lazy enough to not even open his eyes.
"Because if you won't follow him you'll be sleeping outside and you won't get homemade cookies." Those words made the Giant stand up in a second, scaring Kagami's american friends.
"My cookies."
"That's better." Said Himuro, smiling at the purple sweet-lover. He looked at the american high-schoolers. "*Thank you very much for the information. I hope we meet again and get to know each other."
"*Yeah, we too. Well, good luck!" Said Martin waving at them while following his friends."See ya!"
"Bye!" Said Kagami loud enough for them to hear.

"I didn't know Kagami has a girlfriend."
"HAD a girlfriend. We aren't together anymore." The red haired boy said not even trying to hide his hurt.
"Why did you broke up?" Asked Satsuki, very curious at the moment.
"He broke up with her because he thought that the distance will be a huge problem and he told her to move on and not to think about him." Said Himuro, not letting Taiga say the story, seeing how much his hurt. "Taiga," The said man looked upon from the ground. "Let's go" Kagami nodded. Everyone grabbed their things and took the way to your school.

~Time Skip~ Brought by a lazily running purple Titan.

After about forty minutes the exhausted rainbow group finally arrived at the school. Ten minutes left till your turn. It took them ten minutes to find the stage, since Kagami forgot where all the hallways were leading.

They were now standing out of the stage room. The music very loud and the floor was vibrating even though the doors were closed. Taiga pulled the doors relieving a sea of teenagers dancing and getting crazy from the songs. Kagami looked back at Tatsuya. Himuro gestured to him to go ahead and he obeyed.

Squeezing between the crowd Kagami and the others tried to ger in front of everyone to get a better look at the ones on the stage.

"*Whoa, look at this. Come on everyone! Let's get crazier with a little sound of the number one group of the school? Do you know whom I'm talking about?" Asked a second-years high-schooler. The crowd cheered like crazy and start to yell repeatedly 'Drinkers'. This draw the attention of the group. After a minute yelling the band's name  the lights went down and the cheering started once again. Suddenly a single spotlight lit up the center of the stage relieving a (h/c) girl. Most of the guys in the crowd were screaming her name. A nevre mark appeared on Taiga's. Himuro, noticing this, laughed hard; annoying his red haired friend.
"Hi everybody!" This caught there attention. "Today is the day we celebrate our graduation" Clapping was heard all over the world. "Also today is Valentine's day!~" Everyone clapped once again. " But I have to admit" Everyone shushed. "I am sad. I'm sad that this day came. I'm sad because I had a break up a year ago and it still hurts like hell. But I won't make anyone else sad. I want to make even the desperate ones feel wild today so we decided to sing a song for the heart brokens."


She stepped back and light showed the rest of the band. The guitar start to play. Kagami's eyes widen. That song.

Hey! Don't know your name
Thinkin' you can put your dirty hands on me
No! No not today
You should do what's good for you and get on your way
All you wanna do is take me down

Hey! You don't know me
Give me my space
Hey! You don't own me
You're all the same

Taiga's train of memories came crashing at him.That song was bringing so much memories back.

Hey! Don't waste my time
Thinkin' you're  the only thing on my mind
No! You got it wrong
I don't need to hear another dirty love song
All you wanna do is take me down

Hey! You don't know me
Give me my space
Hey! You don't own me
You're all the same

You got something to say? I bet you do
You know
go ahead
try me
whoaaa, yeah!

Like the one time you two and the others from the group were trying to find the words for that song and when you tried to bring water for everyone you stepped on something really hard, making you fall right on Taiga, making him wet from head to toe.

Hey! You don't know me
Give me my space
Hey! You don't own me
You're all the same

Hey! You're the same
Woah! you're the same

After the song was over the crowd broke with screams and cheers.
"That's your chance. Go get her before she leaves the place." Said Himuro with full adrenaline rushing through his vines (cause of the song). Taiga for the first time wasn't fully sure if Tatsuya was right.
"Kagami-kun. Go." Kuroko also encouraged him. After these words he felt a hand on his shoulder turning around he saw Aomine, who surprisingly didn't say a word the whole day. Taiga looked at him puzzled at his blue haired rival-friend. He only smirked.
"Go get her Tiger" Taiga was surprised but listened to his word.  

(L/N) was going to the backstage. Looking at her actions he remember that there's a door leading to her destination that he can use so he searched for it. Luck was on his side. He found the door immediately and rushed in. He saw a few friends on his way but he passed through telling them that they'll talk later. Then suddenly he bumped into someone. Since the impact was strong no one got hurt.

Kagami looked at the person in front of him. His smile wider than ever. But the same couldn't be said for the other person.

(F/N) looked angrily at him and tried to surpass him but he was blocking the way.
"*(F/N), please, listen to me OK?" The said girl crossed her arms over her chest.
"*Make it quick"

Taiga continued.
"*Came here to apologize for the pain I caused you. I want to apologize for everything and I also came to tell you that I also got hurt with my words towards you. I did it for your good cause I know you can't handle relationship from a distance -"
"*Talk for yourself Taiga. You're the one with that problem. Don't blame it on me." (L/N) interrupted. Taiga stared at her.
"*OK. Maybe a have but still I thought about you."
"*Well, you did wrong." (F/N) looking away with anger.Taiga sighed and his hands were forming into fists.
"*Look,(F/N). I came back to apologize and tell you that I realized that I love you like crazy."

Your head turned immediately automaticaly and your eyes were wide.
"Taiga..." She started whispering "....I missed you."

She would never say those words so easily but the sincerity in Kagami's words caughted her off guard.

"(F/N)..." His voice really low. He opened his arms and embraced his beloved girlfriend.
"Kagami... I love you" She said as tears let the corners of her eyes. She placed her arms around Taiga's neck and captured his lips, sharing with him a rough but passionate kiss. Kagami broke the kiss, cupped her cheeks and connected their forheads.
"*Happy Valentine's day, baby" Hearing those words a huge smile appeared on your.

~Extended ending

"Where is Kagami-chin? I want to sleep." whined the purple haired Titan. Himuro sighed in regret for telling his so called brother to get the girl.
" He'll be back soon, Atsushi. Just be patient-"
"Like hell his coming. He obviously forgot about us." Said Aomine, pretty angry at the moment.
" Good thing for you that I remembered your ugly face." To Aomine's surpise, said a voice behind him.
"Finally." Exhaled Momoi. " Let's go Kuroko." She said lowly but didn't received an answer. She looked at the bench only to see her boyfriend sleep.
"I'll carry him." Kagami said after sighing.
Kagami Taiga X Reader [Best Valentine's Day]
It's a bit late but it's better than nothing right?
I added my own characters to make this better; Himuro doesn't know them.
You're younger than Kagami for about a year and your middle school is connected with the high school that Taiga's friends are going.
The ones that are with Kagami the whole story: Himuro, Murasakibara, Aomine, Kuroko and Momoi.
"*....." = In English
"....." = Japanese
There will be a # when you should click play to the song!:…

Hope you enjoy!!Kagami-Glance 
Sorry for the grammar and I don't own anything.
Kagami owns you :D (Big Grin) (if you know what I mean).
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