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Outfit 2 by anaki037 Outfit 2 :iconanaki037:anaki037 2 0
HAPPY Mother's Day//Noiz X Reader// Dmmd
HAPPY Mother's Day//Noiz X Reader// Dmmd
A/N: Before this one I had four more parts so this is kind of a continual to my old ones and probably there'll be more. If you want you can check the old ones first but you can also read this as a one shot. Also Noiz and Reader are about 25 years old. Enjoy!
Days passed, just as did years... and life was constantly changing.
A small young girl was running around on the streets, she was trying her best to get to the nearest flower shop in her big city. A day like this was important for mostly everyone.
The small blond girl could finally see the shop she was searching for, so she picked up her pace as much as possible for her age. As she opened the door she jumped up and down looking at all the beautiful flowers that, now, surrounded her. There were many magnificent flowers, but so were the costumers. The big flower shop was full of costumers that were trying to pick the best flowers for the holiday. All the roses were sold before even the shop co
:iconanaki037:anaki037 4 0
Aone Takanobu X Reader [Damn that song...]
Aone Takanobu X Reader ~One shot~ [Damn that song...]
Anime: Haikyuu!!
It was finally Saturday and you were invited by your friends to go shopping. You weren't sure what to do because Aone's parent's left you in charge of the house and him as well, since it's been more than a year that the two of you had been dating. You couldn't decide whether to stay with your boyfriends or go shopping with your friends, so you asked your beloved Takanobu.
He smiled slightly because you were afraid to leave him alone. Aone insisted for you to go ahead and go shopping with your friends, making you very happy but still worried for him. He reassured you that he'll be okay by sharing with you a kiss.
~Time Skip~
As time pasted by, Aone couldn't find anything to entertain himself with. He looked around and spotted his phone on the coffee table in the living room. He went ahead, grabbed it and sat on the coach. Once he turned it on the notifications of messages started popping up. He opened the messages an
:iconanaki037:anaki037 8 2
Pride by anaki037 Pride :iconanaki037:anaki037 0 0
Haruka Nanase X Reader ~Thanks to Makoto~
Haruka Nanase X Reader ~Thanks to Makoto~ [One Shot]
"But it's true. I saw them, I seriously saw them a while ago." Said the still shocked blond boy.
"Then I guess Gou was right..." Makoto had an apologetical look on his face.
"Of course I was right." Added the said girl.
"But why didn't he tell me?" Makoto was still insure, even after hearing out Nagisa.
"Mako-chan, what do you mean? Aren't we his friends as well?" Nagisa felt insulted by Makoto's words.
"N-No, I didn't meant it that way, Nagisa. I meant that Haru and I've know each other many years and we are best friends..." Said Makoto, having a sad expression of the thought of Haru not telling him such a secret.
"Maybe... It was very embarrassing for him to say." Added Rei.
"Makoto, don't worry about it. I'm sure that he trusts you... maybe he wasn't ready... But I'm sure there is definitely a serious reason for not saying anything." Gou got interrupted by the door of the rooftop of the school bei
:iconanaki037:anaki037 15 0
Aomine Daiki X Reader ~Fix your form~
Aomine Daiki X Reader ~Fix your form~ [One Shot]
"Daiki-chan!" You sang from the entrance of the gym. The said man, as well as the rest of the team, turned around to see where's the voice coming from. A grin appeared on Aomine's face.
"I'll be back soon." He said as he made his way to you.
"Damn that guy." Said Imayoshi and shaked his head lightly.
You both exited the gym. Aomine grabbed you quickly from the waist and leaned close, connecting your lips. His kisses were short and sweet. They meant a lot to you. After a while he stopped kissing you lips and went lower to your neck, leaving many soft kisses. You laughed, grabbing a hand full of his hair.
"Daiki." You said, trying to stop giggling from his ticklish kisses. "Stop. We'll have time for that tonight."
The bluenette immediately stopped and looked up in your eyes with his blue ones that were bright and showing lust. You giggled once again.
"My parents left the house. We'll have the house to ourselves for the weekend!" You cheere
:iconanaki037:anaki037 9 2
Byakuya Kuchiki X Reader Modern!AU ~Big Regret~
Byakuya Kuchiki X Reader
Modern!AU ~Big Regret~
[One Shot]
You heard singing from the living room and immediately rushed there.
"Thunder's getting exciting're the only one, you're my only.
You're my life.
Every breath that I take. Unforgettable so unbelievable.
You're the only one my only one."
He stopped. You were shocked.
"...What the hell was that?"
"(Y/N)..." The black haired man said and turned to look at you. He saw that shocked look on your face and turned to you with his back.
"Why didn't you ever told me that you can-"
"You didn't hear anything." He stated simply and headed to your shared bedroom and locked the door behind him.
It took you a moment to process what happened. After a bit you snapped out of your trance and ran to the door of your bedroom and start to bang on it.
"Byakuya! Come out. What's the meaning of this? I need explanations." You yelled to the door.
"If you need explanations to that, that means you're very stupid." He said blun
:iconanaki037:anaki037 8 2
Aoba Yamashiro X Reader ~We are one~
Aoba Yamashiro X Reader ~We are one~ [One shot]
'My hero.' You thought as you looked at the picture that the bright sun from outside was shining upon.
That picture, it was taken exactly a year ago. He was wearing his glasses as usual and smiling to the camera. You were doing the same. Exactly a year ago he decided to tell you all the things that he wanted to tell you from the day he met you. Exactly a year ago you had decided to show him how much you loved and cared about him. One year ago he understood that he wanted to be with you forever and ever. That one year ago you understood that there was only one like him and that you would never let him go. That one year ago... That was the day you two united with heart and soul... and you both just wanted more. You wanted to be one.
You turned around on your side and there he was. Every morning he was there. With you. Just sleeping peacefully not doing much but in the same time making you the happiest woman in the world. Just knowing that h
:iconanaki037:anaki037 2 0
Kabuto X Reader [I'll think about it] Part 1
Kabuto X Orochimaru's Sister!Reader Office!AU [I'll think about it] Part 1
"Can you please bring me the papers that Kabuto was supposed to bring me a week ago, (Y/N)?" Said your boss, bringing his hand over his face. "He always forgetting to bring me things..."
"Ok I'll bring them in a minute." You stood up from the chain that was across your boss's and made your way towards man's office.
After about two minutes you arrived and knocked his door.
"Mr. Kabuto, can I come in?"
~Kabuto's P.O.V.~
I stood up and start to clean up as quickly as I could.
"O-one minute." I quickly zipped my pants and did my tie. "Enter." I said, feeling my face turn redder than before.
"Good evening. What were you doing?" She said looking at me suspiciously. 'Fuck. I'll get caught.'
"Um trying to find some papers but you startled me and I hit my head." I walked up to her to greet her with a handshake. She looked at my hand and then back at me.
"Let's skip the handshakes." She said with a disgusted tone. "I came
:iconanaki037:anaki037 4 0
Uryu Ishida X Reader ~True Love~
Uryu Ishida X Reader ~True Love~ [One Shot]
A/n: (y/h) - your height
(h/c) - hair color
(L/N) - your last name
(F/N) - your first name
(Y/F/N) - your full name
Once upon a time there was a (y/h) girl with (h/c) silky hair. Her beauty was know to the whole town. Every guy in school was in love with her beauty and intelligence. Everyone assumed that she was the shy and silent type of girl but that wasn't the truth. The reason why she was so silent was ...
...cause she had the worst profanity of them all and whenever she would talk, everything she would say was mean towards everyone.
"(L/N)-Chan!" The said girl stopped in her track and turned around only to see her classmate, Orihime Inoue. "I was searching for you all day!"
"I-I um... I need your help in a project, can you please come with me to our homeroom?"
"..." It was pretty obvious to you that she was lying so you didn't move an inch and instead kept staring in her eyes. She immediately gave up.
"Fine... It's just that
:iconanaki037:anaki037 6 4
Makoto Tachibana X Reader ~Christmas Gift~
Makoto Tachibana X Reader Free! (One shot) ~Christmas Gift~
*Knock Knock*
After about 2 minutes the front door was open.
"Hello Mrs. Tachibana! How are you doing?" You asked with a cheerful voice.
"Oh (Y/N)! Hello, I'm great! Come in, you'll freeze outside."
"Thank you." You bowed and entered. "Am I bothering?"
"No, dear. You'll never be a bother."
"Haha thank you." You smiled. "Is everyone out?" You asked, pretty surprised by the unusual silence.
"My husband is off to work and Makoto went out to the park with Ren and Ran." She smiled kindly. "Sorry that he's not here."
"No, no. It's fine. Oh, here!" You happily handed a large box off sweets to Makoto's mother. "I brought some Sakuramochi, Kuzumochi and some Warabimochi! I made them myself. It took me a few hours but they are good! Hope you'll like it!"
"Oh my! Thank you. Let's go to the kitchen." The olive green haired woman offered happily.
"Hai!" You replied excitedly.
Once there, you and Mrs. Tachibana started chatting about differ
:iconanaki037:anaki037 26 4
Mature content
Loud [Kakuzu X Reader] ~Lemon~ :iconanaki037:anaki037 15 5
The Best Gift For Both Of Us [Seijuro M. X Reader]
The Best Gift For Both Of Us
[Seijuro MikoshibaX Reader]
A huge amount of water fell on you. Your hair, uniform, shoes even your underwear was now wet. Emotions??? Angry and ready to send him to hell. Hell... The only place you want him to be right now.
Momo got out of the water and smiled to you.
"Did you liked it?" After he finally made his question he noticed the angry expression you had and after that the fact that you were wet from your head to toes.
"I.Will....KILL YOUUU." Momo looked at you and you could swear he pooped his swimming suit.
He start to run and, of course, you were chasing after him. The moment that your hand was inches from his hair you heard Rin shouting your name. You immediately stopped. Your sudden change of movement caused Momo to turn his head to look at you, while he was running. He saw you standing in place and was about to do the same but instead he fell in the pool.
You started laughing at him just like the other guys in Samezuka Academy. He popp
:iconanaki037:anaki037 15 2
Kagami Taiga X Reader [Best Valentine's Day]
Kagami Taiga X Reader
[Best Valentine's day]
A/N: Please read the description first so the story can make sense to you.
"Haaaa, finally I can breath freely." Said the happy red head after letting out a sigh of relief. He stretched out a bit and start to jump up and down like a runner getting ready to defeat his opponents.
The raven haired guy beside him breathed the fresh air and nodded.
"Me too. It's really relieving." He unzipped his bug, getting for himself a bottle of water.
"Kagami-kun" The red haired guy looked at down at his short fellow. "I'm hungry, let's go to eat."
"I agree with Tetsu. I'm also hungry. All the way here my stomach was rumbling and Atsushi wouldn't give me his snacks." Said the tall bluenette boy from behind him while glaring at the purple giant who was enjoying his snacks.
"Gahh, OK. I'll take you to my favourite place!" Kagami said smiling.
~Time Skip~ Brought by a munching baby Murasakibara.
*Burb* "Oh Lord that was good." Said Aomine while rub
:iconanaki037:anaki037 8 0
Tobirama X Reader [Part Three] END ~Teasing ~
Tobirama X Reader [Part Three] END
~ Teasing ~
A Request from LEOnell07
~ A Few months later ~
" If your lips are movin', If your lips are movin', If your lips are movin' then you La La lie baby~" Your voice was heard through all your apartment, making your friend glare at you.
The previous day you went to the Hokage office and when you exited the room your face was brighter than the sun. You couldn't stop smiling at all. Most of the people would ask you 'Hey (Y/N), what makes you so  happy today?' or 'What happend, why are you so bright today?' but the answer would always remain the same. "You'll find out soon, my friend".
The same answer was given to your best friend, (BF/N), as well but she wasn't satisfied. She needed more info. She even threatened you but, of course, you didn't care about anything at the moment.
"Huh, Damn you, (Y/N). Tell me already." She pleaded you once again. You glanced around and then walked to your bed, where you friend was sitting.
" The Hokage told m
:iconanaki037:anaki037 40 3
Simple Outfit by anaki037 Simple Outfit :iconanaki037:anaki037 0 2




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